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After-School Activities

After-School Activities Section

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Bonding Events

Rean will have plenty of free time to wander both the academy campus and the neighboring town of Trista. This is the perfect opportunity to hang out with your favorite classmate in exclusive bonding events, which not only helps to level up Rean's Combat Link with said favorite classmate in battle, but also helps you get to know them on a deeper, more personal level.


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Unique NPCs

As a student at Thors, Rean will have the opportunity to interact with far more students than just his classmates in Class VII, and you’ll meet many unique and fascinating students and instructors at Thors, each with their own recognizable design, personality, and interests. As he gets to know them, he’ll jot down the important details about each of them in his student notebook, giving you a way to keep track of all the fascinating (and strange) people you meet.


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As an unofficial member of the Student Council, Rean can also spend some of his free time assisting the students on campus and the citizens of Trista with whatever task they need an extra hand with. At times, they'll contact the council directly; other times, Rean may just happen to stumble upon a secret quest or two. Try to look through every nook and cranny whenever possible!


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The AP System

Trails of Cold Steel has an Academic Points system, or "AP" for short, which allows Rean to earn special bonus items during certain points of the game. Completing requests with finesse, performing exceptionally well on various written and combative exams, or undertaking hidden ventures are just some of the ways Rean can boost his AP and earn the adoration of his classmates.


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Various minigames will open up as the story moves along, including Blade, a popular card game which became a hit with the locals thanks to a certain hoodlum's obsession with teaching young children how to gamble. Minigames aren’t just a fun way to whittle away some downtime – many will actually help you level up your Combat Links, or even earn some extra AP.


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Cooking is a great way to whip up unique healing items you can use in battle, and every member of Class VII has different culinary specialties. Search for base recipes as you travel throughout Erebonia, then have Rean’s classmates test their skills – you might discover a fancy new dish along the way.