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Zemurian History

Zemurian History Section


Warning: This section may contain spoilers from other "Trails" games as well as other "Kiseki" games by Nihon Falcom that have not been released in English. Peruse at your own peril.

The Zemurian Continent

The Zemurian Continent

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Erebonian Empire

The setting for Trails of Cold Steel, ruled by Emperor Eugent III, though many political matters are handled by its infamous "Blood and Iron Chancellor," Giliath Osborne. The class system, embedded in the spirit of the people since the days of old, is still in effect today—the aristocracy continues to personally own much of the country's military, and commoners are often taught when growing up to know their place when standing before someone of nobility.

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That's not to say the class system is as strong as it once was; if anything, its stability is on the verge of crumbling. With the country’s capital now administered by a born-and-bred commoner, Governor Carl Regnitz, and the chancellor himself earning his position not through lineage, but by proving himself a force to be reckoned with in the military, the fortune of the common man is on the rise. The Reformist Faction, comprised of progressives who wish to see the class system completely abolished in Erebonia, and the Noble Faction, comprised of members of the aristocracy who are in favor of the country's traditional form of government, are so fiercely at odds with one another that many fear that the country is headed towards a dark, uncertain future.

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Erebonia’s political situation is tense not just at home, but abroad as well. The Empire has only recently begun rebuilding friendly relations with the Liberl Kingdom after the devastating Hundred Days War twelve years prior, and animosity still lingers between it and the Calvard Republic.

Erebonian Empire Emblem

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Thors Military Academy

Established 230 years before the events of Trails of Cold Steel by the legendary Emperor Dreichels, Thors Military Academy is—as its name implies—a full-fledged military academy for young adults. Situated on the outskirts of the town of Trista, Thors used to primarily consist of upper class students, but in recent times, it’s seen a dramatic upswing in the number of commoners attending with the hope of rising into a role in Imperial politics. Some believe this shift in power to have been a part of Emperor Dreichels' true ideal all along, often referencing the unofficial school motto: "Arise, O youth, and become the foundation of the world."

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Liberl Kingdom

South of the Erebonian Empire sits the Liberl Kingdom, a well-respected monarchy ruled by the benevolent Queen Alicia. While its land mass, population, and military strength mostly pale in comparison to its neighbors, Her Majesty's decades of experience on the throne and thoughtful negotiation tactics have largely allowed her people to live in peaceful times. The Liberl Kingdom is also the setting for the critically-acclaimed Trails in the Sky arc that stars fledgling bracer Estelle Bright.

Liberl Kingdom Emblem

Calvard Republic

Headed by President Rocksmith and the only known democracy in Zemuria as of this writing, the Calvard Republic is big, bold, and always at odds with the only other country considered its equal militarily, the Erebonian Empire. While no games in the series have taken place there, several prominent characters from the series hail from Calvard, including Trails in the Sky's Zane Vathek.

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Crossbell State

Nestled between the Erebonian Empire and the Calvard Republic is Crossbell State, comprised almost entirely of the sprawling metropolis Crossbell City and a few small downs dotting the state’s borders. As a leader in technological innovation years beyond the efforts of its neighbors and a bustling nexus of trade for the continent, it comes as no surprise that the two most formidable countries on the continent would constantly feud over who rightfully owns the land, leaving the people of Crossbell filled with indignation. Crossbell State is also the setting for another duology in the Trails series, Zero no Kiseki and Ao no Kiseki, which star Lloyd Bannings, an up-and-comer in the Crossbell State Police Department.

Crossbell State Emblem

While there are other places across the continent of Zemuria, including Leman and North Ambria State, the Principality of Remiferia, and the Holy City of Arteria, little is known about them at this time.

The Zemurian Continent

The Zemurian Continent

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